Nutrition Fuels Physical Activity

Thanksgiving is this week, so naturally, the focus of this week’s blog post is all about FOOD! Each week our Amazing Athletes learn about Nutrition, specifically how different fruits and vegetables fuel our bodies preparing for Physical Activity. In each Amazing Athletes class, children are introduced to different members of the Powers Family. These characters teach children about different foods and the “super powers” each fruit and veggie contain through vitamins and minerals. It’s important for children to select and incorporate healthy snacks and meals to grow towards a healthy lifestyle. 

Powers Food Videos

Each week, Amazing Athletes releases a Powers Food Recipe Video highlighting the fruit or vegetable that is featured in that week’s lesson. The recipes are always creative, healthy, and super easy to recreate at home. For example, children can expect to see recipes such as – Apple Nachos, Carrot Fries, Banana Sushi, the list goes on and on. The end game: encourage children to seek out and select healthier choices!

Benefits On The Field

Powers Foods are covered each week with Amazing Athletes to emphasize how closely nutrition is tied to physical activity. For example, this week the Powers Food is an Apple. Children learn to associate healthy choices with superpowers. Franklin Powers teaches that Apples contain Fiber which gives kids “Super Speed” plus sustained energy to move around the playing field fast and efficiently. 

Instill Lifelong Habits

Within these lessons about Nutrition and Physical Activity children undoubtedly gain benefits off the field. They begin to learn more about their own bodies while also being able to use these lessons to help them in the classroom. Additionally, the curriculum helps kids with creating and forming lifelong habits at an early age.

Maybe, this Thanksgiving when serving up Apple Pie for dessert, your Amazing Athletes might share that they know Apples give us Super Speed! Parents love watching their children grow and apply what they learn in an Amazing Athletes class in their everyday lives.

“As an Athletic Director, I highly recommend this program to keep children moving in a healthy and positive way!”
– Katera N., 92Y Director of Athletics – Amazing Athletes @HOME

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