Recession Proof Franchise: Thriving Against All Odds

In the Spring of 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic swept the US causing many businesses to shut down their operations and forcing many to shelter in place at home. While other businesses decided to pause or delay their operations, recession proof franchise Amazing Athletes saw an opportunity to innovate. Spring is the time when parents are typically signing their children up for youth sports and activities to enjoy with friends, often while outside. That no longer being an option, Amazing Athletes knew how vital physical activity was to children’s motor development skills. Shortly after all cities mandated a shelter in place law, Amazing Athletes released virtual classes and curriculum so that children across the country could continue physical education. 

Amazing Athletes continues to be a leader in innovation, being able to adapt its programming and operations to be accessible to all. As we look back in the company’s history, during the 2008 recession to the COVID-19 pandemic, one fact is clear: the resilience to thrive as a successful franchise business no matter the odds. 

The Importance of Physical Activity and Staying Connected

When schools transitioned to virtual learning, children lost access to recess, gym class, playtime with peers, and other extracurricular activities. This highlighted an opportunity for Amazing Athletes to expand our offerings, digitally, providing training sessions online with our @HOME virtual classes and Live Stream training broadcasts. These programs allowed children to connect with friends and teammates while following sports games and fitness activities. Parents who were working from home enjoyed the much-needed break and loved the opportunity to keep their children active and engaged.

Getting Ahead, Instead of Falling Behind

As the weather got warmer and we were able to take Amazing Athletes outside again – Private Classes and Sports Pods were new additions to our program lineup. We began offering in-person activities that are safe through social-distancing and small groups. These new programs give athletes the chance to work either one-on-one with coaches or with a small group of friends/teammates on fun activities, sports skills and drills, and enhancing individual motor development skills. 

Now is still a great time to invest in a recession proof franchise like Amazing Athletes! Our children’s fitness business is still steadily growing as more and more people see for themselves the positive impact we have on early childhood physical education.

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